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  • Our New Hall Theatre Crowdfunding Appeal is now live! We believe this multi-use space would be a fantastic addition to our wonderful school so we really hope that you can get behind the project and help us to raise the necessary £34,000 to make it happen! Please visit for more details.

  • Our campaign will provide enhanced opportunities for students in the performing arts, music and public speaking as well as offering a teaching arena for stage management and all levels of production. It promises to be a flexible space for assemblies, open evenings, productions, lectures and PE activities, plus a major community asset available for hire to local arts and theatre societies, orchestras and schools.

Welcome to furze platt senior school              

Furze Platt is a highly aspirational, high achieving and fully inclusive school providing an outstanding education that enables all our students to achieve excellent outcomes. Our school sets the highest aspirations for its students and staff.  We want students to work hard in and out of our school, to set themselves demanding goals, and to achieve highly. Furze Platt is a successful mixed comprehensive school serving the ch...

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What the students say

  • Head Girl

    I am the Head Girl at Furze Platt Senior School. I am currently studying Psychology and English Literature, having recently completed my Drama A Level over the course of a year. Throughout my time here, I have been nurtured and encouraged through every avenue I have decided to venture down in order to further my academic studies and build on my own character. Furze Platt conjures an environment of acceptance, compassion and enjoyment through engaging teaching methods, school trips, extra-curricular clubs and activities, opportunities for leadership within the student body and so much more. The school’s emphasis on individual achievement ensures that each student feels validated and allows them to strive towards their own personal goals. From my own experience, I can certifiably say that Furze Platt’s supportive sense of community has allowed me to be healthily challenged whilst totally revelling in the journey.

  • Head Boy

    I am the Head Boy here at Furze Platt. I study Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science and would like to read Maths at university. The excellent teaching and tutoring provided by the school has helped me to identify my passions and succeed wherever I wish. Students of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to thrive here, which is why I hold the school in such high regard. A particular focus of the school is the development of character in addition to academic ability. From Year 7 to now, I have become a much more mature, capable and thoroughly independent individual, well equipped for the next steps in life.

  • Deputy Head Girl

    Hello, I’m Deputy Head Girl for 2019/20. I’m currently studying Psychology, Maths and Sports, as well as having recently completed an AS in Further Maths. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Furze Platt every year since Year 7. I have a keen passion for sport and have thoroughly enjoyed playing in many of the school teams throughout the last six years. I hope to go on and do Sport and Maths at University. I’m very excited for the year ahead!

  • Deputy Head Boy

    I am Deputy Head Boy at Furze Platt Senior School. I am currently studying English Literature, History and Psychology for my A-levels. I wish to study Psychology at University in the foreseeable future and I seek a career in that field of expertise too. During my time at this school, I have been enveloped and welcomed into the school community. From day one the school aimed to develop our strengths and help overcome our weaknesses, with the staff providing a warm welcome making us feel at home. The school has helped me grow and become the confident, enthusiastic and sociable person I am today.

  • Dorney House Captain

    I am currently Dorney House Captain here at Furze Platt Senior School, studying Maths, English Literature, and Psychology, and am hoping to progress onto studying at university. Furze Platt has provided me with many beneficial academic skills, as well as life skills, such as independence, leadership, and resilience. I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities arise from my time here, and what the next year will bring.

  • Eton House Captain

    I’m the Eton House Captain for 2019/20 studying Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past six years here at Furze Platt and I will miss the support and encouragement from the teachers when I leave. A Levels, so far, have been fun, but challenging and they have really confirmed my decision of studying Maths at university. Furze Platt has been great and I’m looking forward to what Year 13 has to offer.

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Sixth Form

Sixth Form

Furze Platt Senior School’s Sixth Form is one of the most pre-eminent in the Windsor and Maidenhead area. As a result of their focus, passion and commitment, combined with excellent teaching and positive learning culture, our young women and men emerge highly qualified and well-rounded, ready to thrive at university or to excel in their chosen career.

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  • I enjoy Furze Platt a lot because everyone here is very nice and kind.Kirsty, Year 9
  • I like it how when you do positive things you are rewarded with prize nominations. I have been awarded for Maths, Languages, Tech and for the number of stamps I have received.Peter, Year 9
  • I went on the Spanish trip, it was fun with lots of activities to do and we tried new food. Daisy-Leigh, Year 10
  • I think the golden tickets are a good idea because it motivates people to work harder in order to earn them. Sakina, Year 11
  • I really enjoy English. The lessons are always so interesting and lots of fun. Emily, Year 9
  • I like playing in the school cricket team. I get the opportunities to play against other schools. Rajveer, Year 9

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