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Values and Vision

Mission and Vision - our school

Furze Platt is a highly aspirational, high achieving and fully inclusive school providing an outstanding education that enables all our students to achieve excellent outcomes.

'All pupils spoken to enjoyed school and showed pride in being part of the school community.' Ofsted 2021

Highly aspirational
Furze Platt sets the highest aspirations for its students and staff. We want students to work hard in and out of school, to set themselves demanding goals and to achieve highly. They should progress on to competitive courses at leading universities, including Russell Group and Oxbridge, or into challenging and fulfilling careers, through rigorous apprenticeships or further study.

High achieving
Furze Platt students enjoy great success in all aspects of their education - academic, practical, sporting, creative and vocational. We want students to value, enjoy and succeed in their lessons, courses and qualifications and to always be the best they can be. Furze Platt aims always to be amongst the highest-achieving schools locally and nationally for student attainment and progress.

Fully inclusive
Furze Platt is proud of the diverse community it serves. We seek to bring out the best in all students, regardless of gender, faith, nationality or ethnic background. We want all to achieve extremely highly, the result of an accepting, tolerant and inclusive environment. Students are challenged and supported in their learning, whatever their starting points, both in and out of lessons. All are pushed to make the most of their abilities, achieve their potential and succeed at university or further education, in their careers, and in life.

Outstanding education
Furze Platt provides a first-class education for all students. Our broad and deep core curriculum is supported by significant wider opportunities, academic, sporting, practical, creative and vocational, both in and outside school.  Our hard-working students are taught by highly skilled and passionate subject experts in a vibrant atmosphere of learning. Our state-of-the-art facilities and resources are maintained to the highest standard.


Values - our community – students, staff, governors, parents

'Pupils’ relationships are shaped by the ACHIEVE values of the school, which stands for 'Ambitious, Collaborative, Happy, Integrity, Endurance, Versatility, Excellence’.' Ofsted 2021

Above all, our vision is that members of the Furze Platt community consistently ACHIEVE, through:



















All of which lead to



Furze Platt students have high standards and high expectations. They see learning and personal growth as important attributes for life, not just as a means to qualifications, further education, university study and successful careers. They have the intrinsic enthusiasm and desire to achieve their personal best. They use this also to motivate others, and to create a climate of shared endeavour, both in the classroom and through wider learning opportunities.

Furze Platt students collaborate well with others and participate in school and wider community events. They are ambitious and work to ensure the success of others as well as themselves. Students are effective leaders, communicators and strong team players.

Furze Platt students are proud of their school and look forward to attending. They are optimistic about their futures and confident in their abilities to achieve their goals. Students are respectful and kind to everyone, celebrating each other’s commonalities and differences. All enjoy a common sense of purpose, with everyone being able to play to their strengths and contribute to community wellbeing. Furze Platt students take joy from growing and succeeding together.

Furze Platt students always accept responsibility for their actions and choices. They consistently hold themselves, individually and collectively, accountable for their own success and that of others. They are honest, trustworthy and fair in all they do, whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field or in the wider community. They respect and take care of their current and future environments.

Furze Platt students understand that ‘every accomplishment begins with the decision to try', but that success does not always come easily or immediately. They have the confidence to see failure as part of the learning journey, and to use their reflectiveness and resilience to learn from past mistakes. Our students learn and communicate confidently, and help develop confidence in others.

Furze Platt students are prepared for and adapt to broad ranging situations and challenges, always showing organisation and initiative. They are aware that the world around them, including employment opportunities are constantly evolving and are developing the necessary skills to succeed. Students appreciate that every new experience is an opportunity to innovate and grow.

Being Ambitious, Collaborative and Happy, having Integrity and showing Endurance and Versatility all lead to:

Furze Platt students strive to achieve their best in everything that they do. Excellence is expected of every student, regardless of age or background. Students understand that they are what they repeatedly do and that excellence is a habit. Furze Platt students value and are valued by everyone in the community. They have a love of learning and are inspired to succeed.