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D of E Awards Scheme - Bronze, Silver and Gold


The DofE at Furze Platt provides a balanced programme of activities that develop the whole person in an environment of social interaction and team working.

We offer opportunities for students to gain their Bronze (Year 9), Silver (Year 10) and Gold (Year 12) Awards here at Furze Platt.

Expedition Information

Please click here for the latest letter from Mr Randall regarding expedition information for Bronze and Silver Award students.

Useful Information

Please click on the links below for more information:


Expedition Presentations

Please click here for two presentations from our recent Parents' Information Evening regarding DofE expeditions; one from Mr Randall and one from BXM.

Student Leaders

Year 11 students Alex Callaby and Sophie McLachlan are our DofE Student Leaders. 

Alex and Sophie are available to answer queries from students who may have questions about any part of DofE. They are currently progressing through their Silver Awards.


Congratulations to Miss Desrene Carty, Furze Platt's DofE Manager

We are very proud of the large numbers of FPSS students who undertake DofE Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Miss Carty has been central to our DofE team and has helped hundreds of students achieve their awards. It was therefore great to receive a letter from DofE explaining that she had been recognised for her efforts:

“Des is one of our outstanding DofE Managers and we wanted to recognise the impact she has made to the award at Furze Platt, supporting and guiding so many young people through their DofE journey. She goes above and beyond to support these young people and we are so thankful for her hard work.”

I am sure many students, parents and carers would want to join with me in congratulating Miss Carty on her award.

Dr A Morrison, Headteacher


Please see below for some ideas to help students complete their sections:


We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities at Furze Platt Senior School which can help you to fulfil each section.  Activities you do outside of school could also count towards the different sections. Choose activities that motivate you and go on your own personal journey.  We expect all participants to abide by the DofE 20 Conditions during their expedition section. 

Bronze DofE Award


The Physical, Skills and Volunteering sections must be undertaken once a week, with two of these sections to be completed over three months, and one over six months. Although students will be assisted in selecting appropriate activities and monitored throughout the delivery of the Award, completion of these sections will primarily be the responsibility of the students taking part. A suggested activities sheet is attached.  Please click here for the Bronze Assessor's report.



Silver DofE Award


The Physical, Skills and Volunteering sections must be undertaken once a week, with two of these sections to be completed over 6 months, and one over 3 months.

If your child did not complete their Bronze Award, they are required to do an extra 6 months either volunteering, or whichever of the Physical or Skills section they did for 6 months. To summarise, if they have not done Bronze, they will do one section for 12 months, another for 6 months and the remaining one for 3 months. Please click here for the Silver Assessor's report.



Gold DofE Award


The sections must be undertaken once a week. They must spend 12 months on the Volunteering section. For the Physical and Skills section, they must spend 12 months on one and 6 months on the other. If your child did not do their Silver Award, they are required to do a further 6 months on either of the activities they did for 12 months.



Further information

You can find useful information on the DofE website or on the edofe website, or here:

In conjunction with BXM:

Please click here for a kit list from BXM Expeditions and here for some further advice on what to take (clothing, kit and food) from RBWM

How to pack a rucksack

Looking after your feet

Eating on a DofE Expedition

Waterproofing and weather protection

We would recommend precautionary measures against possible insect bites / Lyme disease such as DEET use, wearing full leg covers, clothing tucked into socks, tents zipped up.  For more information please look online.


Links to funding opportunities

If you need financial assistance we encourage participants to apply to the foundations below.

Promotional videos



For students









Please feel free to contact us on if you have any questions.  


Images taken from one of our Gold Practice Expeditions, Brecon Beacons, Wales, October 2018


Image from Gold Expedition 2022