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School Uniform

We think it is important for all students to keep up a high standard of appearance so that the school’s excellent reputation is maintained in the local community. Students must wear school uniform at all times while on school premises and travelling to and from school. They may also be required to do so when on school trips.

Summer Uniform rules: You must be in your correct uniform when inside the school and moving between lessons. When outside the school buildings you can remove your blazer.

Winter Uniform rules: You must be in your correct uniform at all times unless you are on the playgrounds or astro in your breaks. (The Headteacher determines whether we have Summer or Winter uniform)

School Wear

White Shirt May be purchased anywhere, but must have top button that can be done up. Must be worn tucked in to skirt or trousers.
School Tie House colours, Years 7-11 £8.  Available from School Reception only.
School Blazer* Blue with school crest.
School Skirt* Must be purchased from Hawkinsport; our official school skirt is the only style that is permitted. Must reach to just above the knee.
Trousers They should be plain black,  straight leg and smartly tailored. Denim, cotton jean style, skinny leg or flared trousers are not permitted.
Socks Dark only.
Tights Black or natural only.
Shoes Black only: smart style shoes.  No logos, no trainers, trainer styles, no canvas, no heels, no boots, no backless shoes.
V-Neck Jumper* Optional, but the only jumper permitted and must be worn under the school blazer. Tie must be visible beneath the collar.
Coat Coats can be of any colour.  However, they should not be denim or leather.  Hoodies of any sort (except the official school hoodie which is only for use in PE lessons) are not permitted.

Scarves can be of any colour and should be taken off when indoors.  Students who wish to wear a headscarf  as part of religious dress should wear black or navy.

Hat Hats should not be worn inside the school buildings at any times.  

*Only available from Hawkinsport   

Sports Wear


Polo Shirt* In school colours (navy with amber strip), cap sleeve and with school logo.

Rugby top*

Shorts or Skort*

In school colours, long sleeved and with school logo.  Reversible.

In school colours (navy with amber strip).

Trainers Non-marking soles for indoor use.
Sports Socks* In school colours and featuring the school's name.
Hockey/Football Boots For use on all-weather pitch and grass pitches (please note: metal studs must not be worn on the all-weather pitch – we recommend buying moulded studs that can be used on both).
Shin Pads  
Hoodie* Navy and amber hoodie with a front pocket and featuring the school logo.
Tracksuit Bottoms Navy, no logo.
Base layer                Neutral colours.

*Only available from Hawkinsport

Further Requirements

Our Policies  
Jewellery Jewellery is inappropriate for school. A wristwatch and single stud in each earlobe is the only jewellery permitted. Any other kind of jewellery will be confiscated. Any other piercings are not permitted and must be removed for school
Hair and Makeup Make-up should not be worn to school; nor should nail varnish (except clear). Nail extensions/false nails or false eyelashes are not appropriate for the school environment and indeed are dangerous in certain situations eg PE lessons. Hair styles should be sensible and appropriate to the working environment. No extreme hairstyles are permitted including shaven head, shaven patterns and unnatural hair colours.

 *Only available from Hawkinsport


Please help us to keep to our high standard of dress by ensuring that you buy the correct uniform for your child and that s/he wears it to school every day. Please also make sure that everything is clearly named so that Lost Property can be returned to its owner. We reserve the right to confiscate items that do not form part of the school uniform and students may be sent home to change if their uniform is unacceptable.

We have worked hard with our suppliers to ensure that our school uniform is practical, affordable and of a good quality, and we ask parents to support us in maintaining high standards of uniform. We hope the guidance below is clear enough so parents do not purchase inappropriate items; if you have any queries please get in contact before you make any purchases.  All items are available from Hawkinsport in Bourne End except Furze Platt Senior School ties which are in House colours and can be purchased at School Reception. 

If your child is leaving Furze Platt at the end of their school career or has simply outgrown their uniform please do drop it in to Main Reception.  We are grateful for all donations.