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All parents are automatically members of the PTFA (email address: The association makes a huge contribution to the success of the school, supporting students in so many ways.  

Our Charity Number is 287878.

PTFA Update October 2020

A special welcome to all those who are new to our School this term, in all year groups, and hope you have settled in nicely.

The biggest and best news we can share with you is our Fundraising Total for last year………drum roll please…………..a staggering £47,000!! Much of our campaign was driven to provide the internal fixtures and fittings for the New Theatre, for which we raised almost £35,000.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has volunteered their time, energy, expertise and skills over the last few years because we would not have reached such a phenomenal fundraising achievement without you. However, we would appreciate your assistance again (and everyone else’s) this year please, because we are seeking ways to raise funds to purchase more goods and equipment that the school budget doesn't allow for. We welcome all your ideas and thoughts on activities so please email us:

Since every charity has seen their revenue stream and fundraising opportunities affected this year, we are no different. We imagine you have become quite masterful in using Zoom and Teams to join quizzes, campaigns, performances and classes now which will be handy as we may hold a Meeting this way in the next few weeks.

We consider it is beneficial that you see how we have spent your donations and hope it will encourage you to participate in our activities in the future.

So far this term, the PTFA have funded an extra £4038 for items below that were necessary for the new way of learning:

Food Tech - Food Mixers x 20 = £520                                    

Food Tech - Aprons = £284.34         


Technology Dept - Sewing machines x 10 = £2259.60         

English Dept – Books to extend the diversity of reading = £300   


Psychology A level – life size Brain models x 32 = £384.00     

PE & Extra-Curricular - Yoga mats x 22 and Yoga blocks x 10 = £344




Fundraising – we need your help!

At the moment, circumstances mean we are unable to hold ‘en masse’ Uniform Sales or our legendary Quiz night this November, so we are hoping to pick up the reins next year and bring you the Big Quiz 11 as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have a number of fundraisers in which we would encourage you to participate.

Who wants to be a Cash Prize Winner? Then join The 200 Club

The Club runs 4 draws per year and you could win £200 cash per number. Your winnings are made by bank transfer very soon after each draw so there’s no hanging around. The PTFA and school could earn £6000+ per year if everyone joined paying £5 per month. You’re in control of the payments by direct debit, there’s no contract (like your energy or phone!) and there’s no spam emails either (we haven’t got time to send them!). So it’s a win win situation and we hope you’ll click through here to join: 

Please click here for more details or below to purchase your numbers:


Who Shops online? Then you could Donate for FREE!                  

Did you know that eBay, Argos, M&S, John Lewis & Partners, Compare The Market and thousands of other retailers will donate a percentage of your shop to us? The PTFA and school will receive a donation from the retailer following your online purchases. Given that Black Friday, Primeday and ‘gift day’ is fast approaching for the Christmas shopping season, please register with your email address. We have earned over £4000 over the last few years so we’d like you to participate to increase our membership and potential income.  It’s FREE to register with, takes 3 minutes and a Win Win for both of us…..what’s not to like?! Click on the link below to register.



Secondhand Uniform for Sale – who needs spares?

We still have a healthy stock of very good condition uniform (daywear and PE) plus some footwear at very reasonable prices. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by cash. Please email us your sizes and we’ll get your order bagged up and ready for collection:


Matched Funding/Community Support                   

Do you recognise your employer? If so, please make enquiries regarding their charitable scheme. We were awarded £14,000 last year from various companies. Our registered charity, Furze Platt Senior School PTFA and charity number 287878 will be required, plus some other details so please contact us:




Gift Aidas if by magic, every £1 becomes £1.25!                        

We are a Registered Charity, number 287878, and entitled to reclaim thousands of pounds from the HMRC, so please always tick ‘Yes’ when asked.

Uniformhas it gone AWOL already?                                                                    Can we avoid building a Lost Property Snowman/Mountain? We would greatly appreciate your purchase of any labels (not just clothing ones) from Easy2name because the PTFA will earn commission. Just choose ‘Furze Platt Senior School PTFA SL6’ at the checkout – there’s no special code to remember either!

Donations - Ad hoc or One Off

Should you or anyone you know wish to make a donation without joining The 200 Club or purchasing lots of Secondhand Uniform or labels, then we would be delighted and enormously grateful to receive your electronic payments. There is no contract or regular debit unless you specify otherwise. For our bank details please email us:


Our PTFA is very successful, raising thousands of pounds to purchase equipment and resources to further improve the school.  Additionally, the PTFA brings staff and parents together socially in working towards a common goal.  This fosters greater links between home and school.  And it’s great fun! We always need more helpers, though, to help lighten the load.

How we raise money 

Some of the most popular and successful events are:

200 Club 

Numbers are drawn 4 x per year (once per quarter) and if all 200 numbers are in play, three lucky winners could win up to £200 per draw.  

Winning numbers

Draw 1, 10th November 2017: 9, 41 and 51

Draw 2, 8th February 2018: 7, 39 and 63

Draw 3, 11th May 2018: 26, 30 and 65

Draw 4, 5th July 2018: 1, 6 and 66

Draw 5, 23rd November 2018: 20, 69 and 86

Draw 6, 13th February 2019: 12, 83, and 64

Draw 7, 26th April 2019: 16, 18 and 38

Draw 8, 28th June 2019: 16, 35, 95

Draw 9, 15th November 2019: 18, 75, 103

Draw 10, 11th February 2020: 39, 67, 128

Draw 11, 28th May 2020: 17, 36, 44

Draw 12, 13th July 2020: 71 ,91, 113

Congratulations - the owners of these numbers each win large cash prizes!

Our PTFA could benefit up to £6,000 per year if you join us - so please do support our school and have a chance at winning a large cash prize.

Please click here for more details or below to purchase your numbers:

Annual payment (£57 per year):

Monthly payment (£5 per month):


Quiz Nights


Help is always needed with, for example, setting questions and serving behind the bar.


Refreshments for School Events

It not only raises extra funds for the school, but is also a great way to meet teachers and other parents.  Help is mainly needed serving beverages and snacks.


Second Hand Games Uniform

You can buy and donate clean, wearable PE kit at our sales. We feel by encouraging recycling at this level students will gain a life long skill.

Name Labels

Order your name labels for uniform from and select Furze Platt Senior PTFA as your fundraising group at checkout, for us to receive a small donation.


Easy Fundraising

When shopping online, use log in first and choose Furze Platt Senior School as the cause you support before going on to your chosen retailer's site. It does not cost you a penny but donates to the school. You don't even have to remember to log in each time, as you can click to download the app in your toolbar to activate automatically when you shop at a relevant retailer. This means the school can benefit every time you buy a holiday, outing, electricals, insurance, mobiles, travel, fashion, entertainment and much more, enabling us to fund equipment and opportunities in school. 

Please visit and choose to support Furze Platt Senior School.


Copas Farms - Christmas Turkeys

1. Visit and order your Christmas turkey

2. Add code FPSS19 when you checkout

3. For every turkey order placed, Furze Platt will receive a £5 donation.


Thank you for your support.

How we spend the money raised

Requests for equipment and resources are received from the various departments within the school. Did you know the PTFA bought the new bicycle sheds? The aim is to encourage the children to take more exercise, whilst also doing their bit to help the environment. Other purchases include staging, Speech Day prizes, a superb trampoline, external benches, water fountains, the green car and trailer. PTFA members have approved funding for a new saxophone, special ICT equipment for science and money for the Year 11 Prom and much more.

Other ways to help 

  • By giving a donation. Always remember donations are worth more if you can ‘Gift Aid’ them.

  • By simply coming along and having fun at any of the events we organise.

  • By attending PTFA meetings. Dates for future meetings will be also be displayed on our board in the main hall, in future newsletters or in the calendar of events on this site. 

Next PTFA meeting date: to be confirmed

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you at future events. 

Best wishes from the PTFA committee.