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Support for Exceptionally Talented students

Furze Platt has been privileged to educate some of the most talented sportspeople and performers, regionally, nationally and even internationally. Some of our students are particularly strong in rowing, tennis, football and diving and many of whom have either pursed their talent professionally after their education or whom are currently developing their talents alongside their studies.

The term ‘talented is used to define students who have an unusually high level of ability in sport, music, drama or art. Talented students are identified by teachers from the PE, Music, Drama and Art departments, or by recommendations a result of achievement in these areas outside of school.

We are proud to have supported some students who are identified as exceptionally talented based on their level of commitment in developing their talent outside of school and the level at which they are recognised within their field.


Provision for Exceptionally Talented Students

Our provision for exceptionally talented students is designed to support students in pursuing their talents while making sure their attainment and their well-being are not compromised.

For students who spend a considerable amount of time involved in their talent, we offer a school-home partnership and regular mentoring from teachers and other members of staff. This programme ensures students are up to date with their studies and to offer organisational and academic support for those who need it. Where appropriate, at GCSE, time is allocated in Raising Achievement so that these students can work with our fantastic team on a one-to-one basic to keep their academic progress on track.

In order to nurture the next generation of sporting, musical and theatrical talent, we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities in addition to our rich arts and sports curriculum:

  • Music, including individual peripatetic music lessons, and groups, bands and orchestras that practise and perform throughout the year. These include the Chamber Choir, Girls’ Choir, Lads’ Choir, Theatre Choir, school orchestra, Jazz Band and Community Choir;
  • Sport, including pre-school fitness activities, post-school training and competitive fixtures. These regularly include netball, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, table tennis, football, rugby, cross country, athletics, rowing and fitness clubs.
  • Drama, including after-school drama clubs, leading to major performances for all age groups throughout the year both in the school’s purpose-built theatre and at Norden Farm Arts Centre.


Sports Leaders and Ambassadors

As a new addition to the enrichment programme, the PE department have launched the Sports Ambassadors Programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for those with a passion for sport, or who want to raise the profile of female leaders in sport or those who may want to study sport in the future or even have a career in sport. Students will be trained by Berkshire Inspire Academy and gain a range of skills including organisation, coaching and officiating. These ambassadors will use this training to build their own ‘Sports Leaders’ team and to help the PE department organise and run inter-house competitions, primary sports festivals and other sporting events.