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School Clubs

Clubs for Term 4 (February - March) were sent out on Friday 9th February. There were two emails, one headed Clubs and the other for Academic Support Clinics.

Please do not delete these emails as new clubs or clinics may be added throughout the term and you will need to book via the original links.

We are delighted to be able to offer many clubs for our students in Term 4 with a very broad range of activities on offer.


Parents and carers may wish to sign up to My EVOLVE for an overview of clubs, what’s on etc – you can do this from the club or academic support clinic emails sent to you in two easy steps:

1. Click on the link in the email as usual to see clubs/clinics

2. Click ‘create account’ button.


Please note:

* once in the list of clubs or academic support clinics, click on the name of the activity or session you wish to book and press confirm

* please do not duplicate club bookings per session

* students in upper years may see invitations to academic clubs that are not part of their specific academic programme; emails are sent to year groups so please only choose sessions that are relevant to your son/daughter

* if your son or daughter wishes to be removed from a club completely, please email and provide as much notice as possible to allow time for that place to be allocated to someone on the waiting list.  

Thank you.