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Recognition and Rewards

Our aim is to provide a range of rewards for students, which will recognise their accomplishments and provide incentives for further achievement. Recognition, celebration and reward is at the core of our behaviour management system. Happiness is a great motivator! Teachers are encouraged to praise students for positive behaviour, effort and achievement and they adopt a range of strategies to achieve this, including awarding House points through Class Charts.

Rewarding positive behaviours is a key part of the ethos of our school. We will recognise, celebrate and reward any demonstration of the school’s ACHIEVE values, such as showing Ambition, Integrity or Versatility. When a student meets the Ready to Learn rules in their lessons, their teacher will give them an ‘ACHIEVE’ point. Further House Points will also be awarded for sustained positive behaviours and achievements in lessons.

The school also recognises that contributing to the school community and participating in events and extra-curricular activities are important for students' wider development. Positive achievement outside the classroom and even outside the school will be rewarded, alongside achievement inside the classroom.

Students will be awarded school badges when they have gained a certain number of positive House points. The 30 students with the most House points at the end of each term will have a celebration event organised by their Head of Progress. The Endurance of the top 30 students from each year group across the whole year will be rewarded with the chance to go to Thorpe Park in the summer term. The Heads of House will also organise rewards and celebration events for the students who make leading contributions to their House.

In addition, achievement, progress and outstanding effort and contributions to the school will be regularly recognised in assemblies, the whole school celebration assembly at the end of each term and through other celebration events throughout the year.

Students earn points for themselves but are also demonstrating Collaboration by supporting their Form, their Year and ultimately their House. The end of the school year is marked by the award of the House Cup, with every member of the winning House enjoying the bragging rights for at least another year.

Rewards Presentation

Please click here to see the attached ‘Rewards’ presentation shared with all students.

Celebration Evening 

This formal occasion provides opportunities for students to have their achievements publicly recognised.

Celebration Assemblies 

Each term there is a whole school assembly where prizes for attendance, contribution and achievement are rewarded. Nominees will have letters sent home and are then entered into a draw for a further prize. House points are awarded for nominations.

These nominations are also published in our end of term newsletters which can be found here.

Postcards and Letters Home 

Teachers will routinely contact parents to provide positive reinforcement.