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Payments and Donations


Help to find and pay for trips and other items in ParentMail can be found here.

Help on How to Top Up Lunch Money in ParentMail can be found here.


Launch of our new ACHIEVE fund

We have some fabulous facilities at Furze Platt Senior School! Recent developments include our new three-storey English/Science block and our new state-of-the-art Theatre. We intend to provide the very best environment for students to develop, experience and ACHIEVE success.

However, you are no doubt aware that school budgets are experiencing many pressures, and therefore we do all we can to run as efficiently as possible, using our government funding wisely and maximising resources to deliver high quality teaching and learning.

In order to bridge the gap from where government funding ends and the excellent facilities we strive for our students, we ask parents, families and friends to contribute to our new ACHIEVE fund. This new fund replaces our School Development Fund which has been in existence for many years.  Regular donations have paid for outdoor seating, playground upgrades, café and dining furniture, arts equipment, outdoor landscaping etc.

The new ACHIEVE fund platform makes it much easier to donate online.

Families can make regular donations or one-off payments; any amount you choose to donate will make a big difference and help us enrich the school experience for every student. The school will be able to claim gift aid on all eligible donation to increase donations by 25%.

Working from home? Making your own coffee? Can you donate the cost of your regular latte, mocha or espresso from your favourite coffee shop to help improve Furze Platt Senior School?

To set up a regular or one-off donation, follow the link to the CAF Donate page below.

Have you been working from home? Haven't bought a seasonal travel ticket this year? Are you travelling less and saving money on petrol lately?  Every donation adds up!

Parents can also make one-off payments on Parentmail.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope you will contribute in whatever way you feel able.