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Our School

Furze Platt is a highly aspirational, high achieving and fully inclusive school providing an outstanding education that enables all our students to achieve excellent outcomes.

Our school sets the highest aspirations for its students and staff.  We want students to work hard in and out of our school, to set themselves demanding goals, and to achieve highly. Furze Platt is a successful mixed comprehensive school serving the children of Maidenhead. Boys and girls of all abilities thrive at our school and our aim is to help them develop the skills and qualities which will allow them to excel in the future. We want them to enjoy the time they spend with us and this is accomplished by providing an education which is broad, stimulating and rewarding.  Life at Furze Platt is exciting, challenging, friendly and supportive with a rich and rigorous curriculum.

Furze Platt students enjoy great success in all aspects of their education - academic, practical, sporting, creative and vocational. We want students to value and enjoy success in their lessons, courses and qualifications and to always be the best they can be.  Examination results are excellent and the majority of students progress into our popular Sixth Form.

There is an enormous range of opportunities for the young people in our care, both inside and outside of the classroom. As well as their studies our students tackle a wealth of extra-curricular activities and a full programme of trips and visits. We have outstanding academic, sporting and the arts facilities.

We work hard on students' organisation, self belief and motivation and this, combined with their education and the support of their teachers, means that students aim high and reach high.  

Girls and boys of all abilities and aptitudes do well at Furze Platt and we pride ourselves on the harmonious and friendly atmosphere which exists on campus and of the diverse community we serve.  We seek to bring out the best in boys and girls and those of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  We want all to achieve extremely highly, the result of an accepting, tolerant and inclusive environment.  Students are challenged and supported in their learning, whatever their starting points, both in and out of lessons.  All are pushed to make the most of their abilities, achieve their potential and succeed at university or further education, in their careers, and in life.

Our broad and deep core curriculum is supported by significant wider opportunities - academic, sporting, practical, creative and vocational - both in and outside school.  Our hard working students are taught by highly-skilled and passionate subject experts in a vibrant atmosphere of learning.  Our state of the art facilities and resources are maintained to the highest standard.

Furze Platt provides a first-class education for all students.