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Memories from Furze Platt Senior School Alumni



"I can remember lining up outside, all of us kitted out in brand new uniforms, the girls in blue berets and the boys with their caps - set at very jaunty angles. I still feel the nervousness that prevailed, the thought of us stepping into this (as it seemed to us) huge building where everything was so new and as yet untouched by grubby little hands. We were privileged to have had our time there - I will always be grateful for the education I received there and look back with fond memories on my school days at Furze Platt." By Mary Brown who started at Furze Platt in 1963.






















"I remember with extreme fondness the teachers - in particular Mrs Coe, who acted as Headmistress to us girls, and although she appeared very straight-laced she had a good sense of humour and listened when you had a problem. To this day the bond of us 'Furze Platters' is shown in the way we defend its reputation as one of the finest schools in the area, and it's great to say I was there at the beginning." By Margaret Brown who started at Furze Platt in 1963.






















" I was Head Boy in 1973/4. The teachers I remember in particular are Mr Williams (PE), Miss Hay (History), Mr Barnes (English), Mr Spiers (Maths), & Mr Tucker (Geography). I'm still very friendly with Dave Gray who was then Deputy Head boy. Those school days are full of happy memories - we always had brilliant rapport with the teachers & although we probably didn't think so at the time, we all grew up as good citizens with proper values! How things have changed the thought of getting a ruler over the knuckles for not behaving in class is something children of today will never know!" By Stuart Langsbury who started at Furze Platt in 1966.






















"Happy 50th Birthday. I've been coming to Furze Platt for 25 years now for assemblies, RE lessons (Zach Rap), Examattack for year 11's and more. So many great memories. From school productions to Dance Shows, sports days and fun days. Times in the various common rooms to shooting some hoops in the playground. One of the BEST memories was when LZ7 visitied in November 2010 for one day (the Thursday). We started in the Dance Studio and then off to the gym. Period 5 with the then Year 7's was just amazing (now Year 9) and loads came to the the gig at the end of the week at The Magnet. All part of Christianity Awareness Week. Amazing. Thank you all for making me so welcome to your over all these years. I have appreciated it. Best wishes to everyone currently there and all ex staff and pupils. Great memories."  By Wayne Dixon who started at Furze Platt in 1989 (as a visitor) and is still visiting.






















"Lots of happy memories of my time at Furze Platt... including Mrs Richardson finding out that I used to do impressions of her, and then making me take the end of the lesson as her. Lots of great friends, many of whom I still see. Playing Uptown Girl very badly in the school orchestra, and enjoying the 25th anniversary of the school - the last 25 years have now disappeared fast!"  By Laura Stock who started at Furze Platt in 1985.






















"So many memories which still get relived as I am still good friends with friends I made at Furze Platt. Memories include Mr O'Connor and Miss Hemsley taking us on the Biology Field Trip to North Wales. Chemistry lessons with Mr Smith. Mr Barnes as Head of Lower School, Mr Ellul and Mr Hayes in English. Laughing a lot. Cooking quiche and jelly whip in Home Economics. Learning Clarinet with Mr Chudleigh. Lots of Cross Country running. Dressing up for the first Comic Relief day. Mrs Barnes and Mr Attwood in music. Merits. The school production of Bugsy Malone with Steve Comerford being brilliant in one of the main roles. Claire Hatch singing "Those were the days my friends" in a concert. School dinners. 1980s hair cuts and perms."  By April Richer (nee Groves) who started at Furze Platt in 1981.






















"I started in September 1963, I was part of the very first, 1st year pupils to start. I remember the school seeming so large, it was the start of a new adventure in schooling for us having come from a small Country Primary school, in Cookham Dene. I look back at many of the teachers who taught us, many I can still remember today some 50 years on. The ones who stand out would of course be Miss Hay, Miss Coe and especially for us boys Mr Williams. Like many things in life, at the time I didn’t realise the importance of those years at Furze Platt but it was nice to have been part of it. When I see ‘old’ students, especially in Cookham, so often Furze Platt school / teachers will come up in the conversation. Would have loved to attend the anniversary event, but unfortunately as we live overseas now just can’t make it back." By Roger Aisladie who started at Furze Platt in 1963.






















"I was in the first year that went from Year 7 right through the school, although I joined in the January rather than the September, I loved the school and was quite successful, I played Rugby under Mr Williams and went on to gain an under 21 cap for Wales. When I left school I joined the Army and had a successful career there, later trained as a teacher (you'd never have thought that of me, being the rebel that I was) specialising in helping pupils who struggled with their learning. I remember Miss Coe and Mr Whittaker but my memory fails me with other names. I became Blind 12 years ago and used to appear on both Radio and TV I retired 3 years ago due to ill health but I still do some TV work when asked." By Alan Hughes who started at Furze Platt in 1963'4.






















"Best and blessed days of your life... Many of mine were at Furze Platt, Mr Fagence determined my future. Friends I have known loved, lost and will have forever. 25 years ago remembered performing 'Baby Love" in drag to the then head... memories, memories, memories...Thank you Furze Platt! " By Jason Brasier who started at Furze Platt in 1983.






















"I think we were the first pupils in the new, as it was, lower school unit. Miss Magson took us on our first day. One of my lasting school memories has been Mr Edwards, the Headmaster, who got me through my Geography GCE; an inspirational teacher who was able to instill the confidence that you could succeed if you put in the effort. Many other good teachers. School dinners; marshmallow pie that stuck to your spoon, cornflake pie and chocolate custard. 1st year field trip to Welsh Bicknor youth hostel, Tintern Abbey, Chepstow Castle. The quadrangle. Desks with lift-up lids. Lots of sport, especially cross country and hockey. Great friends, forms and form teacher. Oh happy days. I work in a secondary school and still really like being back at school. Left June '79."
By Nicky Carter who started at Furze Platt in September 1974.






















"Great times and great memories. Mr Shotter and Miss Trays were our form tutors (whom I can remember!). Failed Maths miserably and then went on to have a 13 year career in Corporate Treasury - just shows! Met my husband at Furze Platt. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last year and are still blissfully happy - who says childhood sweetheart romances don't last?! Happy Birthday FP!" Jane Emmett (nee Haggqvist) xx 






















"I remember the day when Mrs Beaumont, my Year 9 Science teacher, created a massive "BANG" in class as she was doing an experiment. I don't exactly remember what the experiment was but I'll always remember the bang! I made some great friends and had some amazing support from the AuRA and TAs. Happy 50th Anniversary Furze Platt!" By Nicky Jones.






















"I only joined Furze Platt in the 4th year, and I am still referred to as the new girl amongst my friends 28 years later! My memories include running round town dressed up for the first ever Comic Relief, the 25th Anniversary show and ongoing renditions of 'I'm getting married in the morning' (still do it now!), the field trip to Crickley Hill to dig up fossils, Mr Thomas, Mr Lumley, Mr Darwood, Mr Attwell, the Post Office snack runs, hogging the heater in the common room, ski trips to Malnitz (RIP Mr Williams), Mr Clark and the Sixth form Art posse, and my favourite teacher, Mr Ruxton (Geography). Many happy days, and even more happy memories." By Rebecca Clayton-Rowley (nee Adamson).






















"I taught and was a Head of Year at Furze Platt from 1974 - 2000. Many happy memories - of shows (Oliver, Strike it Rich, The Wizard of Oz), great rugby teams, sponsored jogs, sailing trips to Isle of Wight, mountaineering in North Wales - and hundreds of fabulous students, too numerous to name. Best wishes for the next 50 years!" By Geoff Fagence.