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The History Department aims to ensure that students develop a passion for, and critical understanding of, the past. The Department has worked hard to ensure that students gain a diverse view of the past as this is crucial to having a well formed understanding of the present. We are immensely proud of the range of topics and voices that students will get to hear.

At Key Stage 3, students study a range of topics including: the history of migration; Medieval, Tudor and Industrial Britain; pre-Colonial Africa; the British Empire in India and Britain’s role in the slave trade; experiences of the First World War; and the history of protest, examining the development of democracy in the UK, the progression of Civil Rights and LGBT rights in the UK. We encourage you to look at our Key Stage 3 curriculum map to get a full sense of the scope of our curriculum.

At GCSE, students study Elizabethan England, Weimar and Nazi Germany, Superpower Relations and the Cold War and Crime and Punishment through Time.  The A-Level course focuses on Revolution and Settlement in Early Modern Britain, 1625-1701, Russian Revolutions 1894-1924 and Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA, 1850-2009.

Recently, History students have been involved in an intergenerational project with the Maidenhead Heritage Centre, and have visited Auschwitz as part of the Holocaust Education Trust’s work on developing understanding through schools.

GCSE Textbooks and Revision Guides

If parents wish to purchase books to help with their child's studying, here is a recommended list:

Edexcel 9-1. Pearson books for textbook (Early Elizabethan England, Weimar and Nazi Germany, Superpower Relations and the Cold War). Hodder textbook for Crime and Punishment through time.

Purple Edexcel 9-1 revision guides are recommended for revision.

Super Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented