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Information for Candidates

All Candidates must read the Information for Candidates provided by the JCQ.

  • Before the exam

Check your timetable.

There are NO alternative sessions – misreading the schedule is NOT an acceptable excuse for being late or missing an exam.

You must arrive punctually for registration and your exam. If you are unsure about the location of your exam, ask staff in time!

You are expected to bring all the equipment you might need and you should ensure it is in good working order.

  • At the start of the exam

Make sure you have no unauthorised material/equipment with you – if you have, hand it over to an invigilator immediately, do not wait until the exam has started. See the FAQs below for more information about what not to bring.

There are often several different exams taking place in the same room. Check you have the correct exam paper and permitted materials (e.g. resource booklets, data sheets) right away. Do not start writing anything until the invigilator tells you to. Make sure you put your name, candidate number and centre number (51519) on all the necessary papers.

  • During the exam

If you require assistance raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you. Let staff know immediately if you become ill during an examination. It is your responsibility to act in such circumstances, not the school's.

In the unlikely event of an emergency you must leave your papers on the desk and evacuate the room in silence. The invigilators will instruct you on how and when to leave the room. It is important, however, that you do not communicate with anyone other than the invigilators.

  • At the end of the exam

Check again to ensure you put your name, candidate number and centre number on your exam papers.

You MUST remain seated and silent whilst in the examination room. When you are dismissed you must remain silent until well away from the examination room, other students might still be sitting their exams.

Please also read the Public Exams Handbook provided:

What information will students receive about their examination entries? 

When the entries have been made, the exams office will issue a Statement of Entry showing the subjects entered and giving the dates and times of each exam to be taken.

These Statements must be checked and kept safely by the student, as they are evidence that an entry has been made.

If there are any errors or changes to be made, please inform the Exams Officer immediately. Candidates will receive their timetable with room allocations before spring holidays.

The main period for exams is from the start of May until the end of June, but some oral examinations and practical examinations will take place earlier. All students will be notified of these dates by the relevant Head of Department. Candidates are reminded that they must remain available until Wednesday 26 June 2019 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

What happens if a student is late for an examination? 

If parents know their child is late (e.g. car broken down) they must phone the school immediately and make sure your son/daughter has no access to the Internet/materials until they are in school in secure exam conditions.

School reception telephone number: (01628) 625 308

Depending on how long the exam has been in progress, it may be possible for the candidate to be admitted. Up to one hour is considered late, more than an hour very late. However, the school is bound by a) the length of the exam and b) examination board regulations on this matter.

What happens if a student does not turn up for an examination? 

The school will make every effort to contact the parents if a student does not come in for an exam. Students being absent without presenting a doctor’s note or satisfactory reason for special consideration will receive an X for their examination and their final grade will be based on the elements of the examinations which have been taken.

What to do if a student is unwell at the time of one of the examinations? 

In case of emergency or family circumstances, which may affect examination performance, the Exams Officer needs to be notified as soon as possible to give advice on how to proceed.

Students are reminded that even if they would not normally visit their GP for minor illnesses they must do so at examination time.

Should a student fall ill during an examination, he/she should raise their hand to alert an invigilator, who will then assist as necessary.

What should students bring to the examinations? 

Students should only bring the permitted equipment for the examination e.g. black pens, coloured pencils, erasers etc.

Some subjects require the use of set texts, candidates are always instructed by their teachers about this. The students are responsible to bring everything they need but the school will provide emergency supply.

What should candidates not bring with them? 

Some items are strictly banned and these items should be handed to an invigilator before students sit down:

  • Mobile phones (these must be switched off when handed in)
  • Any wristwatches
  • Personal CD/tape/MP3/4 players - unless permitted for individual language exams.
  • The use of tippex or correction pens is not permitted. Candidates should cross through work they do not wish to be marked.
  • Notes, papers and text books etc. are only allowed in certain exams and candidates will be informed by the subject teachers in advance.
  • Candidates should not bring lucky mascots etc. into the examination room.
  • No item of food or chewing gum is allowed.


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When and how are the results distributed? 

GCE results: Thursday 13th August 2020

GCSE results: Thursday 20th August 2020

Results will be available for collection on these dates, exact times and the venue will be made public beforehand.

Results will not be given out by phone, fax or e-mail.

If a student cannot collect his/her results in person, the student can fill in the Results Collection form to either give permission for an adult or another student to collect the results on his/her behalf (please note that the representative must produce a form of photo ID on the day) or bring a stamped addressed envelope (A5 size with 2 first class stamps) to the exams office by 12 pm on Friday 17th July 2020 at the latest. The Results Collection form is available on the website.

If plans change after 17th July 2020 and a student can no longer collect his/her results, the student should email the Exams Office, giving permission for an adult or another student to collect them on his/her behalf.

Results that have not been collected will either be posted (provided we have your envelope) or be retained in school to be collected at the start of term in September.

What can I do if results are significantly different from what is anticipated? 

It is important to keep in mind that examinations can only record performance on the day; students can do better or worse than expected for various reasons. However, in case of serious concerns about a result, an enquiry can be initiated by school. Parents as well as students can request enquiries filed through school but are reminded that if the grade does not change the pre-paid fee will not be refunded. Students are reminded that grades can go up or down.

There will be information displayed regarding deadlines etc in the venue on Results Day.

Speak to the subject teacher/Heads of Departments after the exam results have been published regarding grade boundaries and advice.

When and how do students receive certificates? 

Exam Certificates are available for Years 11, 12 and 13 Summer 2017 and 2018 exams.

Exam Certificates for Summer 2019 will be issued in November 2019.


They can be collected from the Exams Office (by the students only) or by downloading the Certificate Collection Form.

Certificates are important legal documents – required for CVs, job applications and to verify the Statement of Results – and should be collected from main reception in person. They should be kept in a safe place.

Uncollected certificates will be held in school for one year until the student arranges collection, after that time any uncollected certificates may be destroyed.

Exam boards will provide Replacement Certificates at a cost of approximately £40.

What can I do if I have lost my Certificates?

Uncollected certificates will be held in school for one year until the student arranges collection, after that time any uncollected certificates may be destroyed.

Recent Graduates (2010-now): You may want to check with school if you ever collected your Certificates first. If you did but do not have them anymore, Exam Boards will provide Replacement Certificates at a cost of approximately £40.

Older Graduates (before 2010): Please check directly with Exam Boards who might be able to provide a Certified Statement of Results; check out the following links: