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Cycling and Parking


Students cycling to school must check that their bicycle is roadworthy and legally equipped. We strongly advise that all students who cycle to school wear a helmet. The school provides secure, weatherproof bike sheds, although bikes must be securely padlocked and insured against theft.

Parking - parents

If parents wish to drop and collect their children by car, they are requested to pay particular attention to parking. There is only a limited amount of parking space available outside the school with restrictions at certain times, and parking on double-yellow lines is prohibited by law. Congestion around the school gates can obviously lead to accidents. Parents must not drive onto the school site at the beginning or end of the day to drop or pick up their children. 

Parking for Sixth Form students

The following rules must be observed at all times:-

  1. Sixth Form students who wish to drive to and from school should apply for permission from the Sixth Form Manager. Driving permit forms are available from Mrs Pasa at Sixth Form reception. Permission is ultimately at the school’s discretion and should generally be sought only if other suitable forms of transport are unavailable. We encourage students to use public transport whenever possible and to walk to the school if they live nearby.
  2. Any student driving to school must possess a current full driving licence. Students' parents/carers must confirm that the vehicle is authorised for use and is fully taxed, fully insured against all risks, and has a current MOT certificate. The relevant documental evidence must be submitted to the Sixth Form Manager. Once this evidence is provided students will be able to have their personal ID badge upgraded to include vehicle gate access.
  3. Cars should be parked in the upper car park at all times. This is necessary to avoid congestion and parking problems and for pedestrian safety.
  4. Those students who are learning to drive should not drive on to the school site, even whilst under the supervision of an instructor.
  5. Sixth Form students are reminded of the importance of safe driving. The provisions of the highway code must be respected at all times, as must all legal and other provisions affecting drivers and passengers (including the use of mobile phones). No-one else’s car is to be manhandled or interfered with in any way. It is specifically forbidden for any Sixth Form student to drive another student’s vehicle.
  6. Year 12 students must not use their cars during the course of the school day. Cars must be used strictly as a means of transport to and from school. Year 13 students may leave site in their cars during free periods but may not leave site in their cars during break 1 or break 2 for safety reasons.
  7. Students may travel to an authorised activity with the permission of a member of staff and permission is subject to the provisions of rules 1 and 2 above. Before they travel to a school activity in another student’s car, the passenger must give a letter giving permission to do so from their parents, to the teacher in charge of that activity.
  8. The registration number of any car which may be driven to school must be notified to the Sixth Form Manager on the proforma provided. Any subsequent changes in the registration details of a student’s car must be notified to the Head of Sixth Form in advance of it being driven to school.
  9. Eating in cars should be avoided, and car radios should never be left on at such a volume as to disturb others while cars are parked there. Any litter from parked cars should be deposited in the nearest rubbish bin.
  10. The speed limit on school grounds is 5 mph.

Any Sixth Form student who ignores and/or breaks the rules is liable to have permission to drive to school withdrawn.