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Computer Science & ICT

The Computer Science and ICT Department develops students’ understanding of modern computing technology.  Students learn how computers work, how to program software and how to use a wide range of business and creative software.


Our specialist ICT and computer science teachers are supported by a full time team of technicians who maintain our large network and software resources. We are always keen to innovate and to grasp opportunities which will help our students succeed and keep us at the forefront of Computing and ICT development and our technicians are always able to respond and deploy cutting edge software quickly.

Accommodation, Resourcing and Facilities

The Department is housed in four dedicated ICT suites equipped with latest generation multi core desktop workstations with solid state drives.  All computers are networked and run software including the full Visual Studio suite, Processing, Python and the Adobe CS suite of applications.  Students’ work is tracked and marked using the Google Classroom platform.


GCSE Textbooks and Revision Guides

If parents wish to purchase books to help with their child's studying, here is a recommended list:

Learning to Program in Python – PG Online

PM Heathcote ISBN: 978-1-910523-11-7

AQA GCSE (9-1) Computer Science 8520 (Textbook)

S Robson and PM Heathcote ISBN: 978-1-910523-09-4


At Key Stage 3 students now have the opportunity to study different elements of the Computing and ICT curriculum, one lesson per week. Students will have experience of Coding in different languages, games development and key IT skills involving databases and spreadsheet. Students will also have the opportunity to develop creative skills while using the Adobe Creative Cloud package. All skills covered in Key Stage 3 are in place to allow students to be prepared for the options that could follow in Key Stage 4.

At Key Stage 4 students have the opportunity to study either GCSE Computer Science or an approved ICT course for their year of study. Both options are very popular amongst our students.

At Key Stage 5 we offer GCE A Level Computing and the OCR Cambridge Technicals qualification in ICT. Both are popular options and we have an enviable record of students gaining places at university on ICT or computing related courses.

We run a range of extra-curricular activities and have taken students on trips including the National Computer Museum and lectures at Surrey University.