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Cafe and Dining Facilities


Innovate have produced a short welcome video which you can see here:

Please note,  Innovate are putting their tariffs up on Monday 14th March owing to increased cost pressures. See information in the attached letter at the bottom of this page. However, the school will increase the free school meal allowance to £2.34 to enable FSM students to purchase some of the most popular items such as the chicken shawarma.

Please see below for a message from Innovate about the service they offer:

Innovate by name and nature. Food choice, flexibility, quality and speed are at the heart of what we do. Inspired by the best and most fashionable high street concepts, we pride ourselves on fusing fantastic quality food with quick service.

Everything has to start with fantastic quality and responsible food. Across our wide, diverse and ever-changing menus, we ensure that everything is safe, sustainable and tastes great. We only source from farmers, wholesalers and catering butchers that are audited to UKAS accredited standards and meet the highest possible assurance levels.

We have a huge variety of really exciting dishes to try! We’re talking about global street food, our famous curry Thursdays, modern vegetarian and vegan, and traditional fish and chips. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at all times of the day.

In addition to great food in great environments, we are committed to becoming an ‘Impact Organisation’ and doing whatever we can to create a better world. We operate a sustainable and responsible business model, minimising packaging (especially plastics), food waste and energy consumption, whilst maximising recycling and composting.

As an Impact Food Group caterer, our vision and values are entirely aligned to working with our schools to create a positive food culture and helping more students eat better food.

Natasha's Law / Improved Food Labelling

The Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, is coming into effect from the 1st October 2021. It places a responsibility on all food businesses to provide a full list of ingredients and allergen labelling on all food prepacked for direct sale. The purpose of this letter is to advise you of IFG’s commitment to be fully compliant with this new law in time for 1st October 2021.

IFG have always embraced our responsibilities in the identification of allergens and have rigorous procedures in place. We continually work with our suppliers to ensure that the allergen information we hold for our raw ingredients is as accurate as possible. All our recipes have been tried and tested by our team of food development chefs who, by using approved buying lists, can make sure that our recipes are made to exact specifications and standards.

In order to adapt to Natasha’s Law, we have reviewed our labelling systems so that we can be confident that the information on our labels is accurate. The foods that are affected are those that we pre-pack and place within our fridges and counters, including sandwiches, baguettes, salad boxes, pasta pots, and dessert pots. From October 2021, they will have a full label, that clearly identifies the food item. There will then be a complete list of ingredients and the allergens will be highlighted using a bold font within the ingredients list.

For more details please see attached letter below.

School Meals

There are two breaks during the school day, 11.15 – 11.45 and 13.45 – 14.15.

Students should pay for food using the money in their ParentMail account. Parents can top this up online (here is a link), or can bring cash into the school reception which will then be uploaded to ParentMail. Students may, of course, bring packed lunches in.

Our school offers a café style service, which provides a wide range of hot meal options as well as sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, pasta, noodles and salads. All food, whether bought from the café or packed lunch, must be eaten in a considerate manner. Litter around the school is unhygienic and unattractive, and we expect students to use the litter bins around the site responsibly. Please do not send your child to school with cans or glass bottles.

The school café operates a cashless system with biometric data taken off each student’s fingerprint for recognition purposes. Parents then need to upload funds to their child’s account. This system enables an efficient service to be provided, removes the need for students to carry money in school and additionally parents can view their child’s account and see what food has been purchased.

If you think your child may be entitled to Free School Meals please click here. The application form takes just a couple of minutes to complete, once done your eligibility status will appear on screen within minutes. The school is also notified of the outcome. There is no need to bring any documents into school. If you do not have access to the internet or would like help please contact the school. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.

Please note: The school receives additional funding if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, so we strongly encourage you to take up this entitlement.


Message re Supply Chain

Dear Parents & Carers,
As you will probably have seen in the media, and on supermarket shelves, we're all experiencing disruption to the products available to us. We’ve seen headlines about Nando’s chicken and McDonald’s milkshakes amongst others. You’ve probably had your own frustrations with the lack of products out there or even getting some fuel when you need it. Well, we are too, but we are in a different position to high street restaurants as we have far more flexibility in our supply chain.
We use a wide range of local and regional suppliers, so we have more options available to us. Of course, we may have to move slightly off plan and change some products during this challenging time, but we’ll always be doing our very best to make sure there's a freshly made meal available every day.
You will also have seen the reports of staff shortages in hospitality. This is a challenge for us all in the sector and we are, of course, working hard to maintain our service levels. Again, under these circumstances we may need to change some of our services where necessary while we fill our vacancies. We will of course be doing everything to minimise any disruption and look after our students in the usual way.
So, in summary, there are issues out there with both the supply chain and the hiring of great people, but we are on it, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your child is not impacted. But if you do notice any changes, you’ll know why. Please bear with us and we'll get through the issues we're all having together.

For more details please see letter below.

COVID-19 Catering Precautions

Please see a link to a video below made by John Hamill, IFG CEO,  which sets out the precautions that Innovate have taken to ensure that their operation is COVID-19 safe.


Cafe Menu & Tariffs (all menus are in use for our 2021-2022 academic year):