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What The Students Say


Deputy Head Student - Finnley

Hi! My name is Finnley and I am one of the Deputy Senior Students here at Furze Platt. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Drama A-level with aspirations to study Marine Biology at University. My mix of subjects has been perfect for my separate passions of science and theatre, and this is something Furze Platt has encouraged me to pursue since Year 7. Our Science department has fascinated me world's biological processes, and so I am a member of the Marine Biology Association where I learn about live developments and projects within the industry and discuss with the professionals who are doing this work. The performing arts department here has been a great outlet of creativity for me, having performed in last year's school musical, ‘Sister Act!’ and various other school performances. I take part in several theatre groups outside of school to further my love of the stage and have had amazing opportunities to perform to local and wider audiences. Having been at Furze Platt since Year 7, I have loved to help our community develop to each student's needs, so please feel free to talk to me – I will do my best to help!