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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Practice Expedition 6th - 10th March 2022

Our group of 18 - split into three groups - set off for our DofE Gold Award practice expedition last Sunday and we were incredibly fortunate to have far better weather than we could have ever expected.

Every day was bright, sunny and dry, despite the previous forecasts of rain, although very cold in the evenings. The first two nights in particular were freezing cold and we all had to wear lots of layers to try and keep warm.  However, one of the later campsites had warm showers which was wonderful.  . 

I have enjoyed DofE a lot and a few of us had also completed the Bronze and Silver Awards so we knew pretty much what to expect. We had a great time in our group, I think I laughed for about 80% of the time as well as learning how to do pacing, how to take an accurate bearing and most importantly, how to pack Minstrels so they are within arm’s reach at all times…

We arrived back at the pick up point on Thursday afternoon, slightly ahead of schedule and very ready for a shower, some hot food and to catch up with friends and family.

DofE is a great experience, not only because you get to meet new people (or see people you know in different surroundings) but also to test yourself and see what you can achieve. 

Thank you to Gary and Amy from BXM and to Miss Carty, DofE Manager for their help, advice and support.


By Stuart Johnstone, Year 13