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PGL 2017 Kit List and Presentation

Kit List:

Clothing – plenty in case of wet weather

Night Clothes (and tracksuit /jumper in cold weather)

Several changes of underwear

At least 2 thick jumpers/fleeces

At least 3 pairs of old trousers (2 for activities [NOT JEANS], 1 for evenings)

Shorts (in warm weather)

Sturdy shoes or boots (preferable but not essential)

Several t-shirts (preferably including at least 1 long-sleeve)

Socks (several pairs – over ankle length)

At least two pairs of trainers (including 1 old pair for wet activities)

Waterproof jacket and trousers (if you have them)

Hat and gloves (for cold weather)

Sun hat and suntan lotion

Other essentials:

Wash bag and a towel

Labelled strong plastic bags (bin liners) for wet and spare clothes

Plastic bottle for drinks

Notebook and pen

Day Sack (waterproof and lined)