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Furze Platt students challenge staff to fitness tests

Last week, students created and planned personal training sessions for Furze Platt staff brave enough to take them up. 

The sessions were a huge success, the students were extremely professional and had planned everything out themselves to deliver some really good advice and fitness work.  Students managed to raise £100 for new fitness kits so congratulations to them all for their hard work.

Mr Djaelani, PE Teacher

Fitness groups:-

A Hemsley - Mrs Ridgley

Z Hopson – Mrs Stevens 

B Knott - Mr Varnham

H Twite - Mr Fraser

N Finnigan - Mr Harris 

A Idrizi - Miss Satterthwaite

D Wallace - Mr Williams

D Webb - Mrs Alston  and Mrs Slater 

J Tanner - Miss Dale and Ms Kelly 

E Lowe - Mr Whitaker

E Lee - Mr Beavis