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Academy Business

An Academy is a school directly funded by the Department for Education and is independent of Local Authority control.

Academies benefit from greater freedoms to innovate and raise standards. 

Being an academy has allowed us to set our own priorities and to ensure value for money when purchasing services for our students.  Furze Platt Senior School remains committed to its role of providing the best education for its students and playing a full role in the broader local education community.

The Academy has three members:- Mr Gavin Tisshaw, Mr Hugh Boulter and Ms Tanya White.

Pecuniary interests: Since 1st September 2015, the following Governors have registered a pecuniary interest below £2000 - David Holloway
Company Secretary:- Mrs Lynne Moore
Our Responsible Officer duties:- MHA MacIntyre Hudson
Auditors:- MHA MacIntyre Hudson
Registered Office:- Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7NQ
Company Number:- 7834715 

Furze Platt Senior School became an academy in December 2011.