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The Mathematics Department aims to provide a stimulating, dynamic and academically rigorous experience for all our students. The Department encourages initiative, creativity and innovation which leads to very impressive student outcomes.

We are committed to fully developing the students’ confidence in their own abilities and strive to demonstrate that the subject is rich, challenging and enjoyable.

We aim to develop an atmosphere of work and interest within our classes and hence nurture the self-motivation of our students.

Students are encouraged to apply mathematical skills and knowledge to everyday, functional situations as well as showing initiative when solving problems. We encourage more able students to enter national competitions and value their participation and achievement.

Extra-curricular provision: The Department offers a range of enrichment activities. Our more talented mathematicians are very successful in National Maths Challenges and are often invited to compete at the highest level.  We also run a problem solving club and participate in local Maths Marathons. To support students in preparing for exams we run revision clinics each week after school.   


Key Stage 3: In Years 7 and 8 students have 6 one hour lessons per fortnight.  All students follow the National Curriculum which is supported by graded text books to ensure students are challenged and supported appropriately.    

Students are assessed regularly and time in class is given for students to address any areas for development.  The school subscribe to MyMaths and teachers encourage students to engage in independent study outside of lessons.

Key Stage 4: Students study the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1) over three years. In Year 9 students have 7 one hour lessons each fortnight, and in Years 10 and 11 this increases to 8.   A course specific text book with interactive resources is used to support student’s learning and each student is issued with a practice text book for home learning and independent study.  In addition we subscribe to Active Learn, MethodMaths and MyMaths.  Students have their final assessment at the end of Year 11. 

Key Stage 5: AS and A-Level Mathematics are extremely popular with students. Currently there are four groups at AS Level and three groups and A-Level. We follow the OCR (MEI) course, ensuring that stretch and challenge is embedded throughout. AS and A Level Further Mathematics are also taught each year.  We are very proud that many of our students continue studying maths related courses at university.