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The Board of Governors work tirelessly throughout the year to support the school.

The Full Governing Body meets five times a year. There is also a range of sub-committees which meet twice per term to oversee the progress made with the school development plan, the implementation of our various policies and to help determine the strategic direction of Furze Platt Senior School.

The Governing Body as of January 2017.



Date of appointment or re-election Due date for retirement or re-election
Mr G Tisshaw Member/Chair 21/09/2014 20/09/2018
Mr H Boulter Member/Vice Chair 23/05/2013 22/05/2017
Ms T White Member/Headteacher ex-officio Governor 03/11/2011  
Mr M Clayton Governor 19/05/2016 18/05/2020
Mrs K Donnison Governor 01/12/2011 16/10/2017
Mrs J Edwards Parent Governor 23/09/2015 22/09/2019
Mr R Ferriman Parent Governor 24/10/2016 23/10/2020
Mrs D Flood Support Staff Governor 30/09/2013 29/09/2017
Mrs L Holdsworth Governor 24/10/2016 23/10/2020
Mr D Holloway Parent Governor 21/09/2014 20/09/2018
Mrs S Le Page Governor 24/10/2016 23/10/2020
Mrs B Osborne Parent Governor 24/10/2016 23/10/2020
Dr R Prior Governor 01/12/2011 25/05/2019
Mr D Varnam Teacher Governor 12/11/2014 11/11/2018
Mrs J Cope Clerk to the Governors