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Admissions and Allocations

Applications for cross phase transfer (Year 6 - Year 7) should be made on the Common Application Form via RBWM or your home local authority.

All other applications should be made directly to FPSS, using the 'In-Year Transfer Application Form' provided below. Prior to making any application, we encourage you to read the Guide to In-Year Admissions which is available online at, as well as our own admissions policy which can be found on our policies webpage.

We encourage visits to the school prior to making an application.

If a place is not available your child's name can be added to our waiting list. Places are offered according to admissions criteria, so you can move down as well as up on the waiting list.

Please ensure all parts of the form are completed, and all necessary supporting documentation is enclosed, to enable us to process your application as quickly as possible.

*Please note: on the Allocations form (below), the distance of 1.26 refers to the last criteria where we have accepted students, not all students across the school.

Due to recent and upcoming expansion plans to increase our student numbers, we strongly encourage applications to our school.


Furze Platt Senior School (DfE Ref 868 4055) - Allocations (1st March 2018)
Admission Criterion Number of places offered
EHCP - Educational Health Care Plan 7
1 - Looked after child/adopted from care 3
2 - Social and Medical 1
3 - Children of staff 1
4 - Designated area and sibling 58
5 - Designated area and their child is at Holy Trinity Cookham, Cookham Rise and Cookham Dean 65
6 - Designated area 88
7 - Not designated area and sibling 0
8 - Not designated area and their child is at Holy Trinity Cookham, Cookham Rise, Cookham Dean or Furze Platt Junior School 0
9 - Everyone else 0
Diverted 0
Number of available places 223
Total number of preferences received 682
Number of places offered 223
Vacancies at National Offer Day 0
Furthest distance admitteed under lowest criterion 1.26 miles