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The new school payment system, WisePay, is now up and running. Logins were sent out on Tuesday. Please let us know if you did not receive an email with your new login details.


  • Is there a WisePay app I can use?
    • the WisePay app should be ready to roll out early in the new school term in September.
  • Can I autotop up?
    • This feature is not available from WisePay but you will receive an email when your child’s account balance drops below £5.
  • Can I save my credit card details on WisePay?
    • This will only be possible on the app, (see above) and not on a PC.
  • When I top up, how quickly does the total update on my account?
    • The system updates every 10 minutes – so totals will not appear immediately.

Troubleshooting – problems logging on?

  • Username and password need to be entered in the correct uppercase or lowercase letters
  • There is a dot between the first and last name of your child in the username details. E.g. Jack.Brown
  • If copying and pasting, please check that you have not inadvertently dragged over some trailing spaces – either at the beginning or the end of the word.
  • Check that you are using the WisePay link sent out by the school or the one on our website – only this one works.

  • If you are trying to login using a smartphone or tablet please check that the software has not automatically capitalised the first letter of the email address.
  • You are advised to change your password to something easier to remember – once this is done login will become your email address.
  • Help is available from school: (not from WisePay directly)

Claire Eadie 01628 625308 ext. 162

Mila Coombs 01628 625308 ext. 138