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GCSE Textbooks and Revision Guides

If parents wish to purchase books to help with their child's studying, here is a recommended list:


Child Development:

OCR Child Development for GCSE by Carolyn Meggitt or OCR Child Development by Jean Marshall 

Revision Guides - either Collins Revision - GCSE Child Development Essentials or CGP GCSE Child Development or Essentials: GCSE Home Economics - Child Development Revision Guide



Learning to Program in Python – PG Online

PM Heathcote ISBN: 978-1-910523-11-7

AQA GCSE (9-1) Computer Science 8520 (Textbook)

S Robson and PM Heathcote ISBN: 978-1-910523-09-4



GCSE English Language Eduqas Guide                             ISBN  1782943714                   £5.95

GCSE English Language Workbook                                 ISBN 1782943722                      £5.95

Globe Education Shakespeare: Macbeth                          ISBN 1471851559                      £7.99

GCSE English Text Guide: An Inspector Calls                 ISBN 1841461156                      £5.99

GCSE English Text Guide: Jekyll and Hyde                     ISBN 1782943080                     £5.9

Eduqas GCSE English Literature Skills                            ISBN 147183199X                    £13.99


Food and Nutrition:

WJEC/EDUCAS GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, Helen Buckland & Jacqui Keepin, ISBN 978-1-4718-67507 OR WJEC/EDUQAS My Revision Notes, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Helen Buckland, ISBN 978-1-4178-8539-6



Text book:

Revision Guide:



Edexcel 9-1. Pearson books for textbook (Early Elizabethan England, Weimar and Nazi Germany, Superpower Relations and the Cold War). Hodder textbook for Crime and Punishment through time.

Purple Edexcel 9-1 revision guides are recommended for revision.



Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Foundation Student Book ISBN: 978 1 447 98019 3   

or Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics Higher Student Book ISBN: 978 1 447 98020 9

Revision guides and workbooks can be purchased through the Mathematics department for £6 each.



Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Anthology of Music (as sold by Pearson)

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Music Student Book (as sold by Pearson)


Product Design, Graphics and Resistant Materials:

Year 9 Product Design

AQA Product Design GCSE Design & Technology Product Design AQA Revision Guide (A*-G course) Paperback – 29 Sep 2010 by CGP Books 


New Grade 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology AQA Revision Guide Paperback by CGP Books 

Year 10 Product Design

New Grade 9-1 GCSE Design & Technology AQA Revision Guide Paperback  by CGP Books 

Year 11 Resistant Materials

By Richard Parsons GCSE Design & Technology Resistant Materials AQA Revision Guide by Parsons, Richard ( Author ) ON Sep-01-2009, Paperback

Year 11 Graphics

GCSE Design & Technology Graphic Products AQA Revision Guide (A*-G course) 



 NEWAQA GCSE Science 9-1 
  ISBN Number Price Qty Value
Biology Separate Science Revision Guide 9780198359401 £4.50    
Biology Separate Science Higher workbook 9780198421672 £4.00    
Combined Biology Trilogy Revision Guide 9780198359302 £4.50    
Combined Biology Trilogy Found. workbook 9780198359340 £3.00    
Combined Biology Trilogy Higher workbook 9780198374831 £4.00    
Chemistry Separate Science Revision Guide 9780198359418 £4.50    
Chemistry Separate Science Higher workbook 9780198421689 £4.00    
Combined Chemistry : Trilogy Revision Guide 9780198359319 £4.50    
Combined Chemistry: Trilogy Found. workbook 9780198359357 £3.00    
Combined Chemistry: Trilogy Higher workbook 9780198374848 £4.00    
Physics Separate Science Revision Guide 9780198359425 £4.50    
Physics Separate Science Higher workbook 9780198421696 £4.00    
Combined Physics : Trilogy Revision Guide 9780198359326 £4.50    
Combined Physics : Trilogy Found. workbook 9780198359364 £3.00    
Combined Physics: Trilogy Higher workbook 9780198374855 £4.00    

Below are the ISBN numbers for the Science GCSE textbooks, which can be bought from Amazon at £18.99:

Chemistry   ISBN    9780198359388

Biology        ISBN    9780198359265

Physics        ISBN    9780198359289