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UCAS, Higher Education and Apprenticeships

Applying to University/College through UCAS

Most questions about your UCAS application can be answered by clicking on the help buttons provided. You can also phone UCAS on 0871 468 0468 with your UCAS Personal ID number to hand or e-mail: Another very useful website is which allows you to easily compare courses across a wide range of universities. We highly recommend visiting universities by attending their University Open Days, a list of when these are held can be found at If you wish to attend a University Open Day during the week, please let Sixth Form reception know by writing your name and the name of the university you are visiting in the pink diary.

Student Finance 

Uni Frog

Alternative Paths: Useful Websites

If you are unsure about going to university and feel it may not be for you, then visit and do some research on what other opportunities there are after leaving school (using the website links below).

Job Description / Information 

Graduate careers advice |

National career information/job profiles|

General career information | /

Information for young people |

RBWM - local opportunities |

General Vacancies 


Leisure & Tourism

Health & Social Care 




Young People

West Berkshire Training - Apprenticeships |

CV Checking Tool |

Careers in Accountancy |

Engineering Construction Industry Training Board |

Information technology |

General Apprenticeships |

Voluntary Service Overseas |

Local Career Events |